Baby & Toddler Swimming and Excercise

Baby & Toddler Swimming

With our warm water pool, and our rehab gymnasium, we are able to offer a number of different services aimed at mums to be, parents, children and babies.

Several swim schools use our warm water pool

There is a full list at the bottom of this page  where you can find more details.

When can my baby start swimming?

Babies should only be introduced to water in line with the most recent recommendations from the Department of Health.

The most current publication is “your baby does not need any immunisations before they go swimming”.

 You should make sure that your midwife, health visitor or doctor is happy for the baby to be introduced to public water.

What are the benefits of baby swimming?

Swimming is the most beneficial form of exercise not only during pregnancy, but also in the postnatal period. Regular swimming will help to maintain and improve:

  • The cardiovascular system
  • Lung capacity and function
  • Joint Mobility
  • Muscles and their function
  • Stamina
  • It will also help new mothers to control body weight and recover their pre pregnancy weight

Swimming allows babies and toddlers to move independently long before they are able to crawl or walk. This contributes to a sound motor development and improves the function of skeletal muscles.

Infant Aquacise can also be therapeutic, complementing physiotherapy and osteopathy to help babies develop muscles symmetrically.

An early introduction to water encourages the development of a newborn baby’s natural swimming reflex in water – if these early reflexes are not strengthened by regular stimulation they will disappear in most babies after five or six months. However, when babies are introduced to water before this age then through regular and repeated instruction, your little one can be taught to use their arms and legs.

It also helps to sustain and builds these reflexes which then leads to the natural development of voluntary arm and leg movements, or what we know as swimming.

Baby swimming is a sure way of avoiding fear of water – some children are frightened of the water and their fear, whatever the cause, is often difficult to overcome when they become adults.

How warm is the water?

At Aquatic Fitness, the water in our pool is kept at 32 – 34 degrees – perfect for baby and toddler swimming.

How deep is the water?

The pool at Penny Porter Physiotherapy is 1.2m deep.

When should I feed my baby?

We recommend that you try to feed your baby 1 – 2 hours before coming swimming. You may find that your baby will be hungry after the session.

Class start time

To avoid congestion, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class.

Nappies – We are very sorry that we do not have facilities for disposing of nappies. We therefore ask that you take all nappies away with you.


Please contact them directly to enquire about Baby Swimming Classes.

Swim Kidz (Thursday and Sunday afternoons)

Swim Kidz are a family run business and are empathetic to parents needs. Lessons are fun, progressive and structured, teaching your baby / toddler essential skills to keep them safe in the water.

Visit Swim Kidz Website

Puddle Ducks (Saturday Mornings, Wednesday afternoons)

Puddle Ducks small and carefully structured classes are especially designed for you and your baby to have fun whilst teaching your little one important water confidence and safety skills.

Visit Puddle Ducks Website

Turtle Tots (Monday and Wednesday Mornings)

Come out of your shell and learn to swim the Turtle Tots way.

Visit Turtle Tots Website

Water Babies (Monday and Thursday Mornings)

Water Babies teach more than 1200 babies and toddlers across the region every week and hold a number of classes at our centre.

Visit Water Babies Website

Aqua Natal

Aqua Natal classes use gentle exercises in water to help your body to prepare for the birth of your baby. They offer a mix of strengthening and stretching exercises, whilst giving you time to relax in our lovely warm pool. They are also a great way to meet other mums to be.

We recommend these classes for all pregnant ladies (from 12 weeks onwards), and have had many clients that have found the classes to be particularly beneficial in helping to relieve the symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), also known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP).

Our pool is used by various groups that offer Aqua natal classes.

These include:
Turtle Tots

Swim technique

Swim Analysis

You will be amazed at the level of improvement, after just 1 session!

State of the art Endless pool, with 2 endless currents, meaning that you can either swim by yourself or with a friend

Penny swimming

Swim Training

Swim training in an Endless Pool is like swimming in open water – no turns, no shared lanes, no stopping. By eliminating turns you get a better understanding of your true open water endurance.
Swimming fun

Learn to Swim

Whether you’re a beginner, a returner or a more advanced swimmer looking to improve, we will be able to help you to achieve your goals.
Triathlon swimming

Triathletes Swim Training

Swim training in an Endless Pool is like swimming in open water – no turns, no shared lanes, no stopping. By eliminating turns you get a better understanding of your true open water endurance.

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