Helping you to manage your weight

Weight Control & weight loss

Many of our patients are concerned about their weight, and there is no doubt that carrying excess pounds can contribute to injury and pain.

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, formerly known as Cambridge diet, has been established for over 36 years in this country. There are a series of plans or steps, designed to help you to lose weight quickly and safely, and great emphasis is placed on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight long term. All the steps are designed to give you total nutritional balance, and you will always have the one to one support of a Cambridge Consultant.

John Porter, a Diamond Consultant, has been accredited for almost 35 years and has been South West Regional Consultant of the year. He has a wealth of experience and has helped many hundreds of people to successfully lose and control their weight. He holds regular weekly clinics at our centre, and you can book a free, no cost, initial consultation by…

Helping to control your weight

Many injured sports men and women also find that their weight increases after a period of injury induced inactivity, and they find it difficult to shed the excess when their injury clears up.

Our therapists are able to give general advice on dieting, healthy eating and nutrition.

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